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"A genuine fast cleanses the body, mind, and soul. It crucifies the flesh and to that extent sets the soul free."
M.K. Gandhi




We invite you to Fast for the Planet !!

The 2nd Main event took place on Sunday 22nd March 2009...

A big thank you to all who supported Fast for the Planet's second main event on Sun 22nd March 2009 - to those who came to the event, those who fasted in solidarity and supported from afar, to our volunteers and workshop leaders.

Fast for the Planet remains an ongoing process and we still welcome any thoughts about how the concept might develop, particularly about how we might integrate inner movements away from and towards with outer action. We would also love to hear about your experience of the Fast whether in a few lines, a couple of paragraphs, a poem or a email us any reflections you have.

Here are some Photos from the second Main Event
The range of participants at the event was very diverse. Here is a photo from the wider circle. Another scene from the wider circle. Afterwards we went through some reflective exercises together. This was to deepen the process.
After the reflective exercises, we broke into our workshop groups. Here's a shot from the Debt-free home finance workshop, with Tarek El-Diwany. Tarek is with . For more about monetary issues, he also recommended the CCMJ. This is the Permaculture workshop, in which Nicole Freris from Naturewise outlined some basic principles from this systems approach.
Peter Challen of the Christian Council for Monetary Justice took to the tent for the art of Sharing Stories. For inspiring work on ecology, Peter recommended 'The Gaia Atlas of Planet Management - for Today's Caretakers of Tomorrow's World', 1985. After a day of fasting, participants later shared food that they had brought.
Derek Wall outlined various approaches to activism in his talk. This took place before we all ate.
Here's another angle of some of us helping ourselves to the excellent food.
Near the end, we brain-stormed ways we might like to take the concept forward.
Participants threw up lots of ideas. We managed to get most of them down! It provided food for thought as to what we might do next. You can join our elist if you'd like to stay updated with what that is! You can also organise your own Fast for the Planet event through your group or networks.  

A brief introduction to Fast for the Planet

Fast for the Planet is a concept that is open to all, and whilst it allows for the practise of fasting to be connected to the wisdom contained within spiritual traditions, for those who find benefit through this, it is consciously inclusive. In addition, it connects with the use of fasting by key figures in human history who have been catalysts for large scale human transformation and social change

Fast for the Planet retains a centred approach and aims to facilitate human transformation towards a harmonious relationship with the natural order. It is thus informed by the recognition that solutions to the environmental crisis ultimately depend on human and societal transformation. The concept thus offers a further vehicle to awaken the immense potential within individuals and communities, in moving towards a sustainable, just and peaceful world.

We invite you to join in!

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