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Some links you may find helpful

Wisdom In Nature: Contemplative Ecological & Community Activism. Based on Islamic principles. Engages in a transformative approach; Activities include open forums, deep dialogue, educational talks and workshops, climate change campaigning, and nature outings.


Camp for Climate Action : Exploring the problems, challenges and solutions for climate change, whilst also sharing skills. Run without leaders and includes direct action.

Christian Council for Monetary Justice: an open forum that seeks to stimulate a more general awareness of the pertinence of faith to the economic order; and in particular to the urgent need to generate monetary reform.

Farmers Markets: Directory of farmers' markets in the UK inspected by FARMA (National Farmers' Retail & Markets Association). FARMA is a co-operative of farmers, producers selling on a local scale, and farmers' markets organisers.

Islamic Aims to promote genuine Islamic finance.

LETS (Local Exchange Trading Schemes) UK : local community-based mutual aid networks in which people exchange all kinds of goods and services with one another, without the need for money.

Peace News : Magazine focusing on peace issues and nonviolent social change.

Permaculture Association (Britain) : Creating sustainable human habitats by following nature's patterns. Based on the philosophy of co-operation with nature and caring for the earth and its people.

Positive News: promotes the many enterprises that are working for a sustainable future.

Resurgence magazine: committed to raising awareness of the key ecological and spiritual issues of our time.

Totnes Pound Project: A local currency system; an initiative of Transition Town Totnes.

Transition Towns: communities in a process of imagining and creating a future that addresses the twin challenges of Peak oil and Climate Change, and creates a vibrant, more connected and creative community in the process.


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